The Blowfish - Science Communicator

Do you want to see The Blowfish up close and personal?


Have an event you need an expert animal handler for?


Want a personal rockpooling trip or guided aquarium tour?


Then you want The Blowfish - LIVE!


The Blowfish has over 16 years of experience when it comes to large audiences and live events. There is no gig too big or too small that The Blowfish cannot enthral, amaze and astound!


Previous Live Shows Include


The Big Bang Fair (2015/16/17)

Oxford Science Festival (2015)

Lancashire Science Festival (2015/17)

The Skills Show (2015)

Otley Science Festival (2016)


Currently The Blowfish is performing:


Heavy Metal Marine Biology

  • Doing what ONLY The Blowfish can do, and that's exploding the world of Marine Biology through the medium of heavy metal!

  • Packed full of awesome demonstrations and audience participation, this show is perfect for schools looking for a new angle on biology, chemistry or physics. Demos, explosives and guitars all feature

  • The Blowfish can gain access to a wide range of aquatic creatures and, with prompt booking, can bring fish tanks straight to your venue. Fancy a shark for the show? No problem!


Personal Rockpool Experience

  • Want to give your classmates, work place, or special guests a rockpooling master class? You've come to the right place!

  • The Blowfish takes you on a guided tour of one of the harshest environments on the planet. The UK coastline

  • Please note: Not all beaches are suitable for successful rockpooling trips


Special Guided Aquarium Tours

  • For entertaining clients, press, visiting delegates or VIPs



Please Note:

The Blowfish is in high demand and sadly this means that not all Live Show requests can be fulfilled. Do please make contact as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Installing aquariums for shows are not always possible. Space, set-up time, drainage and power supply must all be considered. When enquiring try to provide as much information about the venue as possible

Heavy Metal Marine Biology

Heavy Metal Marine Biology

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Animal Handler
Animal Handler

The Blowfish speaking to the Upper 6th Form at Bryanston School in Dorset


AMAZING! What a fantastic show, we've already booked him again for next year. 
Mr Ian McClary - Head of 6th Form

The Blowfish taking part in the STEM day at Shapwick School in Somerset.


We had a FAB time! Looking for a return date ASAP!
Ms Hellen Lush - Deputy Head

Animal Handler
Science Communicator